Counselling and Clinical Therapy


Counselling – with Lisa

All our emotions, even our most difficult ones, point us toward what we love, value and care about most in life.

In Individual Counselling, Lisa will help you turn inward to access the wisdom of your emotional and physical responses to the difficulties you are facing. Understanding your body’s emotional and physical language will help you reconnect with your natural ability to navigate even life’s most challenging terrain with confidence and integrity.

If you are dealing with significant emotional loss of any kind, Grief Counselling with Lisa will help you fully access your body’s natural ability to heal.

Each person’s experience, needs and process is unique, and any major loss in life can produce the range of emotions we call grief including death; loss of relationship; loss of physical or mental health; job loss or retirement; moving or immigration, and many others.

Unfortunately, you may not have received the support you need for your grief to run its natural course. You may feel a sense of isolation and incompleteness around your losses, even if they happened many years ago. Words have gone unspoken. Feelings have not been shared.

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Social Work/Psychotherapy – with Rebecca

Social work offers a number of counselling services that aims to help individuals develop skills and utilize resources to resolve problems.  Rebecca’s services include:

  • individual counselling with adolescents and adults on issues including but not limited to: anxiety, trauma, depression and suicidal ideation
  • counselling for suicide survivors (those who have lost a loved one to suicide)
  • counselling with parent/teen dyads
  • group counselling
  • training and workshops on peer and crisis support, active listening, and diversity and inclusion

Clinical Social Work is often covered under extended health benefits.

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Registered Psychotherapy – with Amy

In our work together, sensitive and meaningful topics are discussed in a compassionate, accepting environment. Although hard work at times, I guide you through a process that is natural, uncomplicated and down-to-Earth. It does not rely on elaborate techniques or superficial quick fixes. Through this process, you can:

  •        make sense of your problems
  •        begin to know and experience your self deeply
  •        learn how genuine and lasting change happens
  •        discover peace of mind and inner freedom

Wanting to continue to do the same incredible work that Viola Fodor has been doing for over 30 years, I completed a training program that she offers for professionals. I use the ideas and the program that she created in my work with clients. This program (called Life Process Transformation™) is grounded in humanistic and philosophical ideas and is, at the same time beneficial to your practical, everyday life. It includes self-exploration, psychoeducational learning and awareness exercises. This program has been incredibly successful and has helped hundreds of people get well. Through this process, it is possible for people to not only get better from their mental health problem, but also discover latent qualities in themselves such as strength, inner calm, comfort with one’s self, compassion and self acceptance. Often unexpectedly, people find their own inherent talents and gifts and their own unique way of contributing meaningfully to the world.

For more information on how I work, see the FAQ section.

  • Individual counselling sessions can be arranged for clients seeking one-on-on help in a comfortable, warm office setting
  • Small groups of 4-6 allow for sharing, connecting and healing in a supportive, confidential environment. These groups are approximately four months long. Individualized follow-up will be provided.
  • Phone sessions. If you are interested in working with me but do not live close by or are not able to make it into my office, phone sessions can be arranged and can work just as well.

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Relational Psychotherapy – with Jen
(Individuals, Couples, Families)

Whether you are experiencing challenges in your personal life or in your relationships, Relational Psychotherapy can offer a clear path toward making some meaningful and sustaining changes in your life and relationships.
Navigating intimate and family relationships can difficult and challenging. Psychotherapy can help couples feel “unstuck”, and have different conversations than the ones you are having at home, and identify patterns/cycles that are not helpful to the relationship. Family Therapy can
allow family members to feel heard and heal past hurts. Some concerns that bring people to seeking Relational Psychotherapy are:

  • Life transitions
  • Conflict, criticism, defensiveness
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Impact of trauma and PTSD
  • Parenting
  • Stress and workplace challenges
  • Impact of mental health challenges on couples and/or family members
  • Infidelity and relationship contract breaches
  • Hurt and resentment
  • Communication challenges
  • Sexuality and sexual challenges
  • Parent child conflict and relationships with adult children
  • Reconciliation and estrangement
  • LGBTQ+ related challenges (family member transitioning, coming out, identity)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Identity exploration (including gender and LGBTQ+, cultural identity, and “who am I”?)

I listen to you to create a space that feels safe and free of judgement. ​I deeply believe in people’s strengths and resilience and I work toward bringing these toward the light in an honouring and gentle manner. My style is warm, direct, and collaborative. I work with individuals, couples, and families.

Registered Psychotherapy Services are often covered under extended health
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